Branded Chemical Products

Flash Lemon Liquid 5ltr

Flash                                             Order         

Flash lemon Liquid x 5Ltr is an all purpose long lasting cleaner.

For use on:- Floors - Walls -  Doors - Tables - desks - Kitchen surfaces - work surfaces - Wash basins - Baths and showersVersatile all purpose cleaner suitable for cleaning all washable hard surfaces. Effective for removing grease & grime. Use neat or dilute depending on application. Also available in pine and sea minerals 

Lenor Spring Awakening Regular Fabric Softner 5it

Lenor                                              O   
Superior Softness - Reduces Mechanical Friction - Freash smelling Laundry that stays freash for longer

Domestos Professional Original Blue x 5 Lt

 Domstos                                             0    

Concentrated thick bleach that clings to surfaces longer killing all known germs. Your right choice.

Professional Milton Sterilizing Fluid 5 Lt

Milton                                            o  
For trusted protection against germs, all round the kitchen - Non-toxic, non-tainting whilst providing 100% germ kill. 5 litres makes 111 litres of solution.

Harpic 100% Limescale Remover

Harpic                                            o  
Used to remove limescale and kill germs in toilet bowls.

Lift up the toilet seat and carefully direct the nozzle. Harpic 100% Limescale Remover ... under the rim. Squeeze to apply. For best results leave for 30 minutes, then brush and flush.


Fairy                                         0  
Fairy Liquid cuts through grease better than any other washing up liquid and lasts a lot longer. If rinses off more easily than before, leaving your dishes outstandingly clean. Fairy Liquid Original - now with Longer Lasting Bubbles
Pampers your hands and leaves your dishes feeling squeaky clean

Carex Hand Soap

arex                                               0   
Gently but effectively removes bacteria, for reassuringly clean hands. Contains a blend of moisturisers, for soft feeling hands
All Carex products are dermatologically tested to be suitable for sensitive skin.  supplied in 6 x 500ml


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